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    New Strategies for a Changed World


    Conversations That Matter

    To Bring Game Changing Ideas To Life.

  • Building Bridges For Our Shared Future

    Everyone has a need to connect. It's not only important, but unavoidable in today's technologically driven world.


    The challenges we face today are more complex and interconnected than ever before and they demand collaborative problem solving.


    We recognise that collaboration is essential in a connected world. This calls for doing things differently.

    New Strategies For A Changed World

    Today, the single most important skill in business is arguably the ability to seize opportunity presented by change. The changes to date are nothing in comparison to what lies ahead.


    This is a climate which is increasingly disruptive, competitive, complex and connected. Ready or not, business as usual is gone forever.


    Perhaps you would agree that the Alchemy of Innovation occurs closest to the customer.


    The question is: how you do become the difference that makes a difference?

    Human centred

    We recognise that people are our most important asset. This is self-evident, even though so many of the problems we encounter today have failed to grasp this connection that aims at meeting needs of people.


    Social Alchemy is grounded on a core belief of three simple truths:

    • Disruption is inevitable
    • Conversations are essential
    • There is hidden potential in any given situation

    We want to help connect you to a world of opportunity through conversations that matter. Let's talk.

  • Our Work Focus

    Our work acknowledges that the Alchemy of Innovation occurs closest to the customer.


    A sample of our current work is mentioned below.

    Ask us how we might help your unique situation.

    Our Shared Future

    A timely conversation


    Conversations that matter

    Inspiring Fresh Thinking

    Soft skills for hard business

    Korea Roundtable

    A fresh look at Australia's relationship with Korea


    Strengthening the veteran-civilian dialogue


    The Art of Breakfast

  • Events and What's On

    Scroll through the sliding images below to see our next events.

    You're welcome to join us.

    Please RSVP through the event page, or contact us for more information.

  • Our Shared Future: Team Australia - Setting The Agenda

    In the wake of the Federal Election, a conversation asking to how to address future priorities.

    Free to attend, but RSVP is essential.

    Located in the heart of Sydney, we'd love you to join us.

    Friendship Tree - Outlining The Project

    A series of roundtables to explore opportunities for collaboration as we help to tell the story of friendship between Australia and Korea.


    A gathering of creatives to celebrate the Art of Breakfast.

    Contact us below to find out when next convening in Sydney.

    Unpacking My Journey To North Korea

    Showing a different side of the reclusive nation in the wake of a recent business delegation to North Korea.

    Pompey Elliott Veterans Forum

    Bringing stronger engagement through the nurturing of a veteran-civilian dialogue to better understand veterans in life after the military.

    Soft Skills For Hard Business

    Developing a better understanding of leadership, culture and teamwork improve performance.

  • Inspiring Fresh Thinking

    We have used our experience to provide some excellent resources.

    These are presented as user guides, books, talks and workshops.


    Below is a sample of ways that we can work with you to inspire fresh thinking.

    Contact us for more information about how we can help.

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    Live Your Purpose: On Coming Back From Loss

    Overcoming difficulties

    Reality bites. Even so, life is there to be lived, and to the fullest. How is this even possible when there is so much else to contend with?

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    New Strategies For A Changed World

    Navigating change

    We live in uncertain times marked by profound change. This calls on new approaches to Innovation, Strategy and Culture.

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    Surviving Strategic Shock

    Beyond resilience

    The Perfect Storm is no stranger to how we live and work. Strategic Shock occurs when our resilience is tested, and we must make a decision to thrive or die.

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    Talisman: Cultural Intelligence

    Understanding culture

    Based on the story of a famous general who once remarked that cultural intelligence became for him a talisman to navigate change in a dynamic organisation.

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    Soft Skills For Hard Business

    Decisions and Action

    Leadership, collaboration and navigating change sound so simple on paper. Difficult conversations call for soft skills to manage hard decisions.

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