• Friendship Tree

    Everyone loves to hear a story. Telling stories is part of who we are.

    The project Friendship Tree explores this story of friendship between Australia and Korea.

    In 2017, the Friendship Tree project will finally come into fruition exploring 'the seeds of friendship'.


    They say a picture tells a thousand words.

    Friendship Tree is about storytelling through photos and video, all shaped by original diary entries of the early pioneers and those who have come after them.

    Importantly, we hope you might have a story of friendship to share as part of the Friendship Tree project.


    The narrative to Friendship Tree is opening with an unfolding storyline called "100 Days To Harvest" taking place during the first 100 days of 2017.

    Read below to see how we hope Schools, Sister cities, exchange Students and everyone with a Story can share their stories of friendship as fruit of the Friendship Tree.

    Friendship Tree is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation, which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • A Message To Schools And Teachers

    We hope that you will share your stories of engagement between Australia and Korea, and by doing so open more opportunity through the participation of students in this project.


    Watch the video here to learn more, and email us below to join the conversation.

  • A Message To Sister Cities

    Sister Cities, Sister States, and Friendship Cities ought to be key to the relationship Australia and Korea enjoy.


    Maybe you might also agree that there is more work to be done.


    Share your ideas about how we can yield more fruit from the Friendship Tree.

  • Seeking Your Ideas

    How can we best communicate this story of friendship between Australia and Korea?


    What more could we do to make this accessible and of value? Who and how could we link up for maximum gain?


    Watch the video here to learn more. Email us below to contribute your thoughts too! 

  • Opening Some Questions

    Exploring possibilities and asking questions.


    Your thoughts? Join the conversation. Your feedback is really helpful too!


    Email below to share your ideas about how we can yield more fruit from the Friendship Tree.

  • Boomerang

    The stories of people who have studied in Korea and Australia and then returned home are heartwarming. Lives are changed forever.


    An initiative of Friendship Tree will be connecting stories of tertiary students and the difference that this experience has made to their lives.


    Using the name 'boomerang', it is about something useful that travels and can return t5o have enduring value.

  • Join The Conversation

    Exploring the story of friendship between Australia and Korea

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