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Team Australia: Finding New Ways To Cooperate

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POSCO Chairman Dr Kwon Oh-joon gave a stimulating challenge to the audience in his keynote at the beginning of the 2016 AKBC Meeting in Seoul.

He framed his comments in light of the opportunity that is ahead of us, defining the vast need for fresh thinking in the future. He spoke of the need to move beyond what has defined our past, and embrace a new future, especially in the light of Brexit and of course now following the inauguration of President Trump.

"It is unfortunate that most of our trade is in goods."​ Dr Kwon Oh-joon

One key task outlined by Dr Kwon was finding new ways to cooperate. He of course meant between Australia and Korea, but this is as equally appropriate for expats and visiting Australians alike.

I first heard the expression "Team Australia" coined by Andrew Forrest in 2014, speaking at a conference in Melbourne and describing his newly focused interest in the sale of beef to China. Later, Prime Minister Tony Abbott seemed to borrow the same expression but with a different emphasis.

The concept of 'Team Australia' implies a spirit of robust collaboration towards a shared goal. Perhaps it is more appropriate to think of this as how Koreans and Australians alike can work together to share opportunities, information and experience for mutual benefit. This sentiment is at the heart of the Korea Roundtable.

Join us in Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra for a series of informal gathering to explore the task of finding new ways to collaborate.

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