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Identifying A New Growth Engine

Expanding Into New Areas

· Korea Roundtable

The words from POSCO Chairman Dr Kwon Oh-joon gave a good insight into the work that is ahead of us at the 2016 AKBC Joint Meeting in Seoul. 

His challenge, as well as observations and experience to date have framed a number of key events which form the conversation that is unfolding as part of the Korea Roundtable.

These events include:

  • Emerging Leaders Dialogue
  • Masters of Iron And Beyond
  • Services Roundtable
  • FinTech Forum
  • Festival Of Innovation

Additionally, this involves two other initiatives with a concern for legacy the past and the longer term future of the Korean Peninsula respectively:

  • Not Forgotten
  • On The Brink

More details are coming shortly as we finalise some planning details. If you would like to know more in the meantime, and even partner with the way forward, please leave a message below, otherwise contact Matt Jones directly through the website at

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