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Exploring The Story Of Friendship

· Friendship Tree

The project Friendship Tree tells the story of friendship between Australia and Korea.

Storytelling is a powerful way of exploring the connections we enjoy with others. Our stories define us. Everyone loves to hear a story.

We'd love to hear your story. 

Whether it is a story about enjoying a simple coffee with a new friend or maybe engagement in the high-level negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement now signed between Australia and Korea, we hope you might share your story.

Importantly, we also want to connect with schools, sister cities and former students who have played a key role in this exchange of friendship between Australia and Korea.

So, maybe you too can help frame the conversation about these "Four S's" of Stories, Schools, Sister Cities and Students. Please leave a comment below or connect directly to Matt Jones via the website at

Of course, the story of friendship is more an aggregation of experience rather than one common narrative. There are important dimensions outside of what we are calling the "Four S's". Veterans, missionaries, early pioneers, and the emergence of strong links through economic and investment links. 

There is a lot to celebrate. We hope your story will be among the fruit harvested from the Friendship Tree.

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