• A Year Of Remembrance

    Help give the due respect to the 340 Australian servicemen Killed In Action and Missing In Action during the Korean War. Lest We Forget.

  • A Year Of Remembrance

    Remembering the 340 Australians lost during the Korean War.


    You can help to build a catalogue of those who died during deployment to Korea.



    Commencing 7 July 2018 for the following 340 days, one serviceman's details will be shared each day throughout the year.



    You can get involved by researching the background of one of the Australians who tragically died during service in Korea.



    Share the story you uncovered about the life, death and legacy of an Australian serviceman who died in Korea.

  • Framing The Idea

    The idea for A Year Of Remembrance took form at the Yongsan War Memorial in Seoul.

  • Contemplating Suffering and Loss

    The Korean War Honour Roll Quilt, now housed at the UNMCK in Busan, provides an excellent representation of why remembering is important.

  • Searching For Strout

    What began as a search for the location of Squadron Leader Graham Strout became the genesis to this project. See more in the videos below which capture a broad perspective of the veteran experience that will help in our endeavour to make 2018 a Year Of Remembrance.

    The Truth About Veterans

    Too often, our efforts as a nation to care for our veterans has been well-intentioned but fallen short. As a nation, we failed to learn from the experiences of veterans returning from Korea which might have better served the experiences which contemporary veterans encountered. Its never too late to learn from the past so that we can improve the future.

    Reflections On Remembering The Korean War

    An interview with Mrs Olwyn Green OAM, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Green.

    Peter Wilson

    An unknown story about life after the armistice few might have heard about.

    "Bomber" Terry

    The tragedy of those Missing In Action

    Samcheok Station - the final target of Strout

    Beginning the journey looking for Squadron Leader Graham Strout.

    Discovering More About Strout

    From Pohang to Busan, the story unfolds.

    Remembering Daunt

    The youngest casualty.

    The idea for A Year Of Remembrance takes form

    The recovery of two pilots sparks an idea

    Those Who Are Left Behind

    Too often, the loss and suffering by many goes untold.

    Postscript to Daunt

    The reality is that our Korean War veterans are not getting any younger. We must act now to preserve their legacy.

    Finding Strout

    New information provided certainty of what I was looking for, although many of the details have been lost to history.

    Record Of Internment

    Some relief was experienced once obtaining this record of internment.

    In The Cockpit

    Strout captured in happier days before taking flight.

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